Andrew J Katers

Actor/ Stuntman/ Musician/ Martial Artist


You’ve traveled this far to learn a little more about me. And since you’ve devoted the time to seek me out, the least I can do is tease your curiosity. I grew up in a small town buried in the mountains of Colorado. I am an Actor, Stuntman, Martial Artist, and Musician currently living in the great and wild Los Angeles. Still curious to learn more?

After highschool I left that small town to go to college and pursue engineering.  2 years into my degree I discovered the performing arts and found my passion. I moved around every couple of years until I came to L.A.  I’m the type of person who loves a challenge, loves to solve challenges, and loves to challenge people to grow and become better than who they were. And this city is full of challenges.

The other thing this city is full of is adventure. Adventure runs in my blood and I’ve been an adventurer for most of my life. Having grown up in the mountains I would frequently go camping, hiking, snowboarding, and mountain biking. And now my adventures include a motorcycle.  My other life long pursuit is martial arts which I have trained in many forms since the age of 8 and  continue to train today as well as coach.

I’m the type of guy who doesn’t get stressed out very easily. I’ll stay calm while under fire and can continue to keep rolling with the punches.  Whatever is going on, I’m in.


Photographer: Jody Zorn